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Nothing can ever replace the experience of in-person attendance and receiving direct classroom instruction from our teachers while they interact with a classroom of students.  However, from time to time we understand that situations arise where an independent study agreement may be needed. 

The student may be counted in attendance by state regulations if an independent study agreement is requested ahead of time and the assigned work is completed in the designated time.  The request should be made to the school office and teacher as soon as you are aware your child will be absent. 

In order to gather work and obtain the necessary signatures, Gravenstein requires three days of advanced notice and Hillcrest requires five days of advanced notice.  Without this advance notice, your child may still be provided with the missed work, but may not earn attendance credit.  Please check the Board Policy / Administrative Regulation 6158 Independent Study. 

State law prohibits short-term independent study requests totaling more than 14 days in a school year; long-term (more than 15 days) independent study students may be assigned a non-classroom teacher for instruction.

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