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At the heart of our educational mission is the unwavering commitment to provide every student with a world-class education. We understand that academic success is not just a destination but a continuous journey, and here at Gravenstein, we're dedicated to guiding our students every step of the way.

In alignment with the educational principles upheld by public schools across California, we're dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of state standards, the use of standards-based report cards, and meaningful assessments to gauge academic progress. But our commitment extends far beyond the classroom. We understand that for a student to truly thrive academically, we must first ensure their overall well-being.

In partnership with our dedicated educators, caring staff, and supportive community, we are here to provide not only an outstanding academic education but also the guidance and support needed for our students to flourish both inside and outside the classroom. Join us in this incredible journey where the growth and well-being of your child is at the heart of everything we do. Together, we'll help your child achieve success, not just as students, but as well-rounded individuals ready to embrace the world.

We offer a unique blend of high interest electives and enrichments along with strong academic rigor taught to small class sizes by caring and capable teachers. 

Hillcrest student learning
Gravenstein elementary students learning about bees
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Nurturing Excellence

Our leadership team serves as the compass, ensuring students receive a top-notch education. Our dedicated administrators, teachers, and support staff work hand-in-hand to create an environment where every child's success is our primary focus.

Balanced Education

We're more than just test scores and report cards. While we wholeheartedly embrace California's academic standards, we understand that a student's mind cannot flourish if their heart is heavy. We're dedicated to nurturing the social, mental, and physical well-being of each student because we believe that's the bedrock of success.

Curriculum Evolution

In the ever-changing landscape of education, our curriculum is a dynamic force. We regularly evaluate and update it to ensure our students receive instruction that is not just comprehensive, but also contemporary. 

Empowering Our Educators

The foundation of excellence lies in our educators. They receive ongoing support and training to refine their teaching skills, embrace innovative methodologies, and expand outside traditional academic instruction.

Personalized Support

Every student is unique, and we cherish that diversity. Our goal is to support each and every student in their educational journey. We are confident that our base program is effective for our student population. However, from time to time, due to a variety of circumstances, individual students and families may need more personalized support. In response, we offer a tiered system termed a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). 

Tier I includes universal supports that are in place for all students.

Tier II includes a menu of targeted actions and strategies to choose from, depending on a student’s needs.

Tier III includes intensive interventions for the rare instances when the supports available in the first two tiers are not successful. 

Multi Tiered System of Supports infographic