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The following vision and mission statements, developed by our board of trustees, guide our planning and daily work, all with a focus on what’s best for students.

Vision Statement

By providing a rigorous and engaging education, GUSD will prepare all students academically and socially-emotionally for excellence in secondary education and beyond.

Mission Statements

1. GUSD will provide a rigorous and innovative educational experience that gives every student all the tools necessary for annual academic and social-emotional growth.
2. The educational experience for all GUSD students will be based on a solid foundation of expert core instruction and will be enhanced by a variety of enrichment experiences.
3. The GUSD Board and leadership will work together with the community to provide outstanding staff and attractive, safe schools.
4. The GUSD Board and leadership will work together with the community and Administration to maintain a position of fiscal strength.  

To support the pursuit of this vision and the mission statements, GUSD staff establish multiple goals and implement many action items annually, including the following. 

  • The average class size in our district is 20 students.  
  • Instructional support assistants are utilized in Grades TK-8, according to need in the classroom. 
  • Instructional assistants work in conjunction with the special education teachers to instruct in Learning Labs at both campuses to serve students who need intervention or tutoring. 
  • Students are provided with services according to their need, regardless of whether they qualify for special education. This allows us to provide additional services in reading/language arts and math to identified and/or below-grade-level students. 
  • Other services available to GUSD students on both campuses include the Speech and Language Program, an academic counselor, a mental health counselor, Occupational Therapy, Adaptive PE  and a school psychologist.  

Students in Grades TK- 5 receive at least five enrichment sessions per week, including music/chorus, drama, art, STEM, Spanish, and physical education. Hillcrest Middle School students are enrolled in two electives courses and an additional enrichment once per week. All grade levels participate in regular field trips and enrichment classes

Our school district utilizes a social-emotional learning program (SEL) entitled Second Step, which covers topics such as empathy, emotion management, impulse control, problem solving, and anger management. 

The district also uses a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) with mental health services led by our academic counselor and our mental health coordinator, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Our data indicates that our Tier I (base program) successfully provides the universal supports and prevention strategies needed to enable a majority of our students to be successful on a daily basis, year after year. However, some of our students struggle each year with academic growth, consistent attendance, and behavioral choices. For them, we refer to our Tier II system, which provides a menu of interventions and supports. We use a team-based approach including the student, parents/guardians, and a case manager to ensure that interventions are implemented with fidelity and that progress is measured and monitored.   

Combined with the incredible efforts of our staff and families, this MTSS program results in two schools that produce amazing student achievement every year!