Racial Justice and Equity Resources

“One of the essential, bedrock skills and understandings children can have is how to live in a world that is as pluralistic, diverse, multicultural and inequitable as our world is. And that has to be an underpinning for every kid if they’re going to survive and thrive.”

Gravenstein Union School District Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion Resolution

On September 2nd, 2020, the Gravenstein Union School District Board unanimously passed the Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion resolution to declare that the lives of Black students matter and that the lives of all of our students of color matter. 

The following are resources for our educators, parents, students and community to use to make the goals of this resolution a reality.

Please check back as we will be adding additional resources regularly.

To be culturally effective doesn't mean you are an authority in the values and beliefs of every culture. What it means is that you hold a deep respect for cultural differences and are eager to learn, and willing to accept, that there are many ways of viewing the world.